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DIPT is next generation nail technology. A professional soak of system using medical grade resins and a very finely milled acrylic powder. Designed and manufactured in the U.K. using the best of British Chemistry. Changing the way to apply and wear semi-permanent colour as an alternative to gel polish.
From a nail technician’s perspective it is quick, durable and easy to remove, taking the same length of time as a gel polish treatment. For a client it provides the strength of acrylic with the long wear colour and shine of a gel.
Available in 60 stunning colours, French Manicure shades and clear. Dipt can be used directly onto the natural nail or over a tip for added length and strength.

• Cruelty free and Vegan
• Odour free
• No lamp cure
• Easy to use, minimal filing
• Light weight, flexible and strong
• Easy removal
• Wide range of colours and finishes
• Non-yellowing
• Water resistant

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