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About dipt™

The Future of Colour

The UK nail industry is booming, offering beauty business owners hundreds of options when it comes to lasting in-salon colour treatment brands. Choosing the right one for your business can prove confusing with lots to take into account, from the ethics and ethos of the brand to the safety and efficacy of its products.

As a conscientious and forward thinking beauty business owner, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions when seeking a new nail brand for your business:

  • Does the brand offer a wide-range of popping colours, finishes, durability and superb staying power?
  • Is application and removal safer and kinder to my clients’ nails?
  • Is it an ethically considerate organisation?
  • Will the treatment help to build my business profitability as well as offer a superb result for my clients?
  • Is there a robust and comprehensive training programme included?
  • Is it a product which is kinder to the environment as well as respecting animal cruelty issues?

Dipt™ is proud to answer “yes” to all the above!

So, how is dipt™ different?

Developed by women, for women, dipt™ offers a unique, lasting and more caring nail colour system that you and your clients will simply adore. Made with a finely milled coloured acrylic powder and a specially formulated medical-grade resin, dipt™ promises to deliver a fast application process, popping colour and a no lamp cure system.

Dipt™ has been launched into the UK by a leading brand which is proud to support British Chemistry. We believe we have found something special in dipt™ and cannot wait to develop the brand as one of the most innovative nail techniques to be introduced to the beauty industry. We offer UK based education and pledge to be part of a supportive community with our brand ambassadors.

In offering dipt™ to your clientele, you’ll be able to boast that you are one of the first in the UK to pioneer this innovative, kind and long lasting colour for nails – a real marketing bonus when it comes to introducing any new treatment to your salon, spa or beauty business.

Dipt™ are here to stay and will support you all the way to make sure that your dipt™ business is thriving from the word “go!”

For more information on how you can #getdipt contact someone from our friendly and helpful team at hello@diptnails.com and become part of the dipt™ family!